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BSPH Mission Statement

More than a decade ago a small group of highly motivated and experienced trial attorneys coalesced to form our law firm. Each attorney came from both a shared experience and a diverse background with expertise in trial work, medical claims, product liability and employment law. At the inception of the firm the mission was to provide services to clients with deep concerns and complex needs at a time when both the law and the legal environment were in transition.

It has been the stated purpose and remains the future goal of our firm to provide high quality, cost effective and responsive legal services to our growing client base. The past decade has brought more change. Our firm succeeded in both anticipating and adapting to those changes through need based growth and diversification of services. We have more than doubled in size and increased the areas of expertise and experience offered to our clients.

Our firm continues to offer broad based services in every imaginable litigation setting. We have over 200 years of trial experience among the attorneys in our office, a level of experience without peer in our community for firms of our size. We continue to provide high quality counsel to an even broader and more diverse client base and offer services which range from trial work to risk management. We are indeed more than a group of attorneys, we are a law firm of counselors at law, zealous advocates and highly ethical professionals.

The business side of our profession necessitates remuneration for services rendered. In this arena our firm stands alone as the most conscientious, efficient and effective provider of legal services with fee structures which are fair to both our clients and to our firm. We have created a culture of collegiality inside our firm which infuses our work and the relationships we form with clients and friends.

As we move into our second decade of service we have grown into new areas of practice to better service our existing clients and to make our firm attractive to new clients with different needs. We have a state-wide and regional practice with continued growth into new regions and jurisdictions. We serve as both national counsel and local counsel for clients in areas as different as products liability, toxic tort and insurance coverage litigation. We pride ourselves on our accessibility to clients, timely reporting and premier legal services. We look forward to this next decade of service to our current and future clients.