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Ohio and Florida Civil Rights Litigation Defense Attorneys: Section 1983

Intended to provide redress for individuals whose constitutional rights have been violated, Title 42 Section 1983 of the United States Code is often used maliciously by disgruntled individuals. Bonezzi Switzer Polito & Hupp Co. L.P.A. is a full-service trial law firm with exceptional experience and skill in section 1983 litigation. Our law firm counsels and defends police officers, county sheriffs, prison guards, prison wardens, medical officers and other government or public employees as well as county governments, state agencies, municipalities and their liability carriers in section 1983 litigation and Monell claims.

From our offices in Ohio and Florida, the civil rights litigation defense lawyers at BSPH meticulously represent clients in Section 1983 litigation across the nation. Our attorneys understand and appreciate the level of investigation and preparation that is necessary to succeed in civil rights litigation defense. We also recognize that the significance of experts in medicine, anatomy, physiology and other fields can be paramount to demonstrating the positions of our clients in complex litigation.

While our law firm offers the personal counsel of a boutique firm, we have access to experts across the full spectrum of specialized fields from throughout the United States that we utilize for careful evaluation, analysis and testimony on critical points in civil rights litigation defense.

Ohio and Florida Lawyers Providing Law Enforcement, Correctional Facility and Municipality Defense

When a law enforcement officer, correctional facility or municipality is facing civil liability in a claim involving alleged unreasonable search and seizure, cruel and unusual punishment, excessive police force, police misconduct, inadequate public policy or other wrongdoing, our law firm evaluates the case for qualified immunity or other strategic defenses. If such immunities are unavailable, we take considerable measures to ensure our clients' interests are preserved through fearless attacks against the allegations to building other powerful defenses to the Section 1983 claims against them.

Our law firm is dedicated to defending the integrity and reputation of public officials, public employees, municipalities and government agencies.

Contact our law firm in Cleveland, Ohio and St. Petersburg, Florida for effective counsel in civil rights litigation defense.

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