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Ohio Insurance Coverage Dispute Lawyers

Bonezzi Switzer Polito & Hupp Co. L.P.A. represents insurance companies and their insureds throughout Ohio and Florida. Our lawyers are known for their dedicated, strategic representation when defending insurance companies against all types of matters, including:

At the outset of every case, we will provide an objective evaluation of the plaintiff's claim to determine possible affirmative defenses as well as potential liability. We work closely with insurance carriers and defendants to develop an effective, efficient strategy. Our lawyers fully comprehend the importance of providing regular communication to our clients and offer responsive representation at every point in the legal process.

Intensive Preparation Is the Only Way to Minimize Exposure

Simply stated, there is no substitute for case preparation in any kind of complex litigation. Our lawyers will carefully analyze every aspect of the plaintiff's claim to locate any weaknesses. We will meticulously prepare every defense witness to withstand the rigors of pretrial depositions and will bring on recognized experts when necessary to bolster our defense.

Our work in pretrial discovery frequently leads to success for our clients, either through summary judgment motions or negotiated settlements that minimize potential exposure. Of course, in the event that a case must be tried before a jury, our lawyers will be prepared. Our firm's attorneys have tried more than 900 cases in state and federal courts and have achieved successful results in the vast majority of these cases.

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Insurance Defense Lawyers

Kenneth R. Beddow
William D. Bonezzi
David C. Comstock Jr.
Thomas F. Glassman
Kevin O. Kadlec
Brian D. Kerns
Brian F. Lange
Christopher F. Mars
Ronald A. Margolis
Margo S. Meola
Bret C. Perry
John S. Polito
Beth A. Sebaugh
Paul W. Smith
Donald H. Switzer
Patricia J. Trombetta
Jeffrey W. Van Wagner