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The lawyers at Bonezzi Switzer Polito & Hupp Co. L.P.A proudly recognize the privilege of practicing law on behalf of their clients and similarly defend attorneys' licensure and abilities to do the same. Legal malpractice is a professional negligence tort which alleges that the attorney failed to meet the standard of practice in representing a client and the result of this mismanagement has caused the client to sustain damages in an underlying legal matter. Legal malpractice case law is firmly rooted in and often compared to medical negligence and BSPH attorneys utilize proven litigation methods honed by defending other licensed professionals in their representation of those in the legal community who are in need of assistance.

Aware that there may be a number of reasons behind a legal malpractice claim, it is fundamental to establish early on in the representation of our clients that a lawsuit is not indicative of actual negligence or bad practice habits. Cognizant that the standard of practice is objective and established through expert testimony, BSPH attorneys have an unparalleled reputation which allows them to attract well-respected attorneys to serve as experts in defense of legal malpractice claims.

Our legal malpractice group works closely with each of their clients to apprise them of strategies and potential outcomes to ensure that each client is aware of the landscape of the pending litigation and involved at each step of the lawsuit. BSPH's attorneys strive to obtain the best result for their clients and have successfully defended a number of legal malpractice claims at trial.

To learn more about this practice area or to discuss your potential need for a legal malpractice attorney, call 216-586-2013 or e-mail our Cleveland office; for assistance in Florida, call 727-826-0909.

Legal Malpractice Group

Kenneth R. Beddow
William D. Bonezzi
Thomas F. Glassman
Steven J. Hupp
Margo S. Meola
Donald H. Switzer
Jeffrey W. Van Wagner