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You are under a lot of pressure as a nursing home, home health or hospice provider. The state and federal regulations you must comply with are complex and ever changing. While working to stay aligned with industry regulations, you may have little time to try and prepare for a recovery audit. However, one billing error could end up costing your facility millions of dollars.

Experienced Representation Is Paramount to Prepare for Audits

At Bonezzi Switzer Polito & Hupp Co. L.P.A., we have extensive experience defending nursing homes and hospice home health care providers throughout Cleveland, Ohio and nationwide. We understand the challenges you face when scrutinized by Medicare and Medicaid. They are often overly zealous when trying to crack down on overbilling of health care costs. We offer risk management services to help you put important safeguards in place to avoid negative ramifications from recovery audits. Whether you want to plan ahead or have received notice of a pending audit, contact our Medicare/Medicaid recovery audit attorneys for unwavering support.

Act Quickly to Avoid Negative Ramifications From Recovery Audits

Providers often call us once they've been notified by Medicare or Medicaid that they owe the government money. But, we want to hear from you before then. As soon as the government contacts you about a pending audit or makes a record request, we can act quickly to protect your best interests. We offer comprehensive risk management services that can be used to evaluate your accounting and financial records and put your facility in the best position possible.

Depending on the allegations stemming from the audit, we consult industry-leading experts to build the strongest case possible for you. For example, we may bring in a nurse or a chiropractor depending on the facts involved. The experts are used to determine whether or not the standards for getting paid are met. We are prepared to illustrate that the medical services, documentation and medical billings were reasonable and necessary.

If Medicare or Medicaid claims you overbilled, we can consult a statistician to determine if the allegations are valid. When billing errors are uncovered, you run the risk of paying back not only for the claim in question but for multiple claims. That is why it is critical to work with an experienced lawyer at Bonezzi Switzer Polito & Hupp Co. L.P.A. from the onset. Our access to industry-leading experts could prove to be invaluable to the future of your nursing home or assisted living center.

Contact Our Nursing Home Defense Attorneys

Medicare and Medicaid are not on your side, and are known to pick away at accounting records. You need to work with an experienced lawyer upfront. At Bonezzi Switzer Polito & Hupp Co. L.P.A., we have extensive experience handling all stages of recovery audits. Our background in defending and advising clients has proven to be invaluable for nursing homes under scrutiny. Contact our law firm for the experience you need. We offer in-person consultations to long-term care providers nationwide from our offices in St. Petersburg, Florida and Cleveland, Ohio.

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