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As an insurance provider, you cannot afford to leave any money on the table. If you compensated your policyholder for expenses related to an incident or accident, you acted in the policyholder's best interests. You now have a right to pursue a subrogation claim and recover the funds against the at-fault party's insurance provider. Subrogation and recovery claims are highly complicated based on the technicalities involved.

Committed to Protecting Insurance Providers' Pocketbooks

At Bonezzi Switzer Polito & Hupp Co. L.P.A., we have a strong legacy of handling insurance claims throughout Ohio and Florida. We are devoted to helping insurance companies protect their pocketbooks and recover funds against third parties responsible for covering the expenses stemming from all types of insurance claims.

Our law firm has a strong background handling subrogation and recovery claims in relation to medical malpractice cases. However, we are well-positioned to handle any type of subrogation claim. Contact our legal team to learn how we can help you recover claims your company has paid out.

Handling All Types of Subrogation and Recovery Claims

At Bonezzi Switzer Polito & Hupp Co. L.P.A., we are experienced in handling a wide range of subrogation claims for insurers throughout the country. Our legal team vigorously pursues subrogation claims based on underlying theories of negligence, product liability and strict liability in all areas of insurance law, such as:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Auto accident claims
  • Premises liability
  • Real estate
  • Construction law

We take great pride in helping insurers recover the funds owed to them against liable parties. Our subrogation attorneys have a clear understanding of the law and are highly effective at evaluating the technical elements involved. Based on our clear assessments, we can help insurers understand which claims are most effective to pursue with a high recovery value.

If another insurance company refuses to pay your insurance company back, we will respond aggressively. Our subrogation and recovery lawyer are highly effective at interpreting insurance policies and demonstrating why a claim should be covered in a policy. We often settle subrogation claims outside of litigation. However, we never shy away from trial when it is in our clients' best interests. Our access to a network of industry experts has proven to be invaluable in helping our clients recover the funds owed to them.

Contact Us to Recover the Funds Owed to Your Company

Every insurance policy paid out can quickly add up. We can protect your bottom line by helping you recover funds that fall under the responsibility of other insurance companies. Contact our Cleveland attorneys to learn how we can protect your financial interests at every turn possible. We offer in-person consultations to insurance providers nationwide from our offices in Cleveland, Ohio and St. Petersburg, Florida.

Subrogation and Recovery Lawyers

William D. Bonezzi
David C. Comstock Jr.
Thomas F. Glassman
Kevin O. Kadlec
Ronald A. Margolis
Margo S. Meola
Bret C. Perry
John S. Polito
Beth A. Sebaugh