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Experienced Workers' Compensation Defense Lawyers

When an employee is injured in the workplace, his or her employer may face liability across a number of areas. Injured workers may pursue a workers' compensation claim against his or her employer, regardless of liability. Employers often deal with additional allegations, including:

  • Specific safety requirement violations
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violations

Employer's best way to minimize potential liability and reach an equitable resolution is to hire experienced counsel. At Bonezzi Switzer Polito & Hupp Co. L.P.A., our workers' compensation defense attorneys have a strong legacy of defending private and public sector employers of all sizes.

If you have reason to question the validity of the claims against your company, contact our law firm today. We have extensive experience defending employers facing litigation in Cleveland, Ohio, Florida and nationwide.

Defending Employers Against False Workers' Compensation Claims

Do you have reason to believe the workers' compensation claims against your company are exaggerated or false? You have a right to protect your company's bottom line. At Bonezzi Switzer Polito & Hupp Co. L.P.A., we have extensive experience defending employers against false claims and mitigating their exposure to liability.

Our lawyers are adept at defending against violations of specific safety requirement allegations and intentional tort lawsuits that often accompany workers' compensation claims. We are also highly effective at defending employers accused of violating OSHA regulations and handling compliance issues for obtaining and maintaining workers' compensation coverage and self-insurance.

Our legal team has remained at the cutting-edge of insurance law and stays abreast to changes in the workers' compensation system. We also work upfront to help employers comply with the law in an effort to mitigate the potential for litigation. Our comprehensive experience could make all the difference in your case.

Contact Our Employers' Rights Lawyers for Experienced Results

If your company is accused of violating OSHA requirements or failing to maintain a safe workplace, you cannot risk taking any chances. Make sure you have an experienced workers' compensation defense lawyer in your corner. Call our law firm at 216-586-2013 or contact us online to meet with us at our office locations in Cleveland, Ohio or St. Petersburg, Florida. We also offer phone consultation for clients outside of Florida and Cleveland.

Worker’s Compensation Defense Lawyers

William D. Bonezzi
Kevin O. Kadlec
Brian D. Kerns
Ronald A. Margolis
Beth A. Sebaugh
Geoffrey W. Vance