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Ohio man on workers' compensation caught on tape working

As we have said before in this blog, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation aggressively investigates people it suspects of defrauding the system. Workers’ compensation fraud raises costs, and may deprive legitimately injured workers of funds they need.

BWC uses tactics such as undercover agents and hidden cameras to gather evidence against fraudulent workers’ comp recipients. That is how the bureau caught a man improperly working while still receiving benefits.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, BWC investigators received a tip that the man’s doctor had written a note that the man “owns a store, now works mostly at a sitting job.” It is not clear if the doctor was the one supplying to tip, or who else might have had access to the man’s medical file.

That tip led BWC to a bait shop, where investigators determined the man worked regularly from September 2013 to June 2014. The agency sent an undercover investigator to the shop, armed with a hidden camera that caught the man working behind the counter. It was determined that BWC paid him a total of $4,276 in workers’ compensation benefits while working at the bait shop.

This led to a charge of workers’ compensation fraud, to which the man pleaded guilty in July. In exchange, the man was sentenced to two years of probation and ordered to repay the benefits he improperly received.

Whether a workers’ comp claimant was not hurt on the job, or is exaggerating the nature of his or her harm, employers need legal representation to protect themselves.

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