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October 2015 Archives

Why which court hears your case can make a difference

Whether a lawsuit is heard in state or federal court in Ohio may not seem like it matters much, but it can make a big difference. Often, venue is something the parties fight over, each believing that one court will be more favorable to them.

5 of the strangest personal injury claims ever

Most of the time, when someone sues for personal injury, their injuries are real and reasonably serious, even if the claim that the defendant is responsible for the plaintiff's harm is not strong. Then there are cases that make you wonder how the plaintiff thought he or she ever had a chance to prevail.

Assumption of the risk and personal injury defense

There are safety risks every time you set foot outside your door. Of course, these risks are fairly remote in everyday life. Then there are activities that are inherently dangerous, like skydiving. In personal injury law, a valid defense to charges of negligently causing the plaintiff’s injuries is that he or she “assumed the risk.”

How does Ohio law limit huge malpractice verdicts?

It is not always possible for a doctor or hospital to get a medical malpractice lawsuit dismissed, or to be found not guilty at the end of trial. And most health care providers agree that they should compensate patients for injuries caused by their mistakes. But at the same time, some forms of personal injury damages can be fairly difficult to compute.

Protecting your nursing home from snap inspection penalties

Nursing homes in Ohio are subject to unannounced inspection by agents from the state Department of Health’s Division of Quality Assurance. Though no facility can predict when or how often these snap inspections happen, they can expect at least one inspection or survey every nine to 15 months.