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November 2015 Archives

Ohio man worked 3 jobs while on workers' compensation

Some people in Ohio defraud the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation by holding a job while still collecting workers’ comp benefits, which is against the law. One Ohio fire chief who was receiving benefits for a work-related injury was particularly busy, according to a press release.

Hospitals can build a malpractice defense during depositions

As with other forms of litigation, most of the work of building a defense against medical malpractice charges takes place well before the day trial is scheduled to begin. For instance, pretrial depositions can uncover key testimony by doctors, hospital staff and other witnesses to the alleged malpractice. In some cases, it can lead to the charges being dropped or quickly settled, when it becomes clear the plaintiff’s claims will be very difficult to prove to a judge or jury.

Defensive medicine is expensive, but prevents malpractice suits

Out of desire to avoid potential litigation, many doctors in Ohio practice what is called “defensive medicine.” This term refers to being extra cautious with patients, ordering more tests and procedures than the doctor otherwise might, out of an abundance of caution.