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Signs of a good Ohio nursing home

When families must put a parent or other relative in a nursing home, they generally want to pick the best facility they can afford. The search can be confusing. How do you know if a nursing home takes good care of its residents?

An article about accusations of nursing home neglect and abuse provides some tips. One of the most important factors in facility quality is staffing. A fully staffed home is going to have an easier time providing each of its residents with the care they need than one with insufficient staff.

The relationship between staff and residents is also important. It is a good sign when staff members know the residents by their names, for example. This shows that staff sees each resident as an individual, and thus is more likely to treat them with respect.

Usually, the facility will convene a meeting within 30 days of a new resident moving in, in order to create a care plan. Family members get invited to this meeting, and attending is a good idea. It lets you know what the care plan is, so you can tell if it is being followed in the coming weeks and months.

Most long-term care facilities in Ohio will hold up well under the scrutiny of protective families. But sometimes a lawsuit will still arise. Such cases can reach the media and destroy a nursing home’s reputation, even if the evidence does not support the allegations. Fortunately, an experienced attorney can help the facility protect itself and reach an acceptable result.

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