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Employers can fight against workers' compensation fraud

Imagine running a company. Suddenly, you're made aware that one of your workers got hurt on the job. Clearly, that worker should get workers' compensation to cover his or her medical care, but the accident wasn't caused by negligence or safety issues, so you think it's been taken care of. If you find your business being investigated or the worker dragging out the illness when he or she should have quickly recovered, there may be a reason to suspect fraud.

Workers' compensation fraud is a crime that can cost your company an extensive amount of money. If you have a reason to believe that a claim that has been made is false, then it's important that you reach out and protect your company's bottom line. It's possible to defend against claims for workers' compensation if you believe they're false. This is particularly true if the person who is claiming to be injured is alleging that you have not met safety requirements in your company.

It's possible to prove that you did not violate any Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations, so you can protect yourself against secondary claims or lawsuits.

If a person commits fraud, what happens is that the worker receives funds that he or she is not entitled to. That person may have made false or misleading statements to the workers' compensation agency he or she was working with, and he or she may also conceal or alter documents to make his or her claim look like it's valid when it isn't.

The Bureau of Workers' Compensation is very serious about deterring fraud and investigating cases where it may be present. The agency will refer a case for prosecution if it can find evidence of wrongdoing.

Source: Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation, "Fraud and workers’ compensation," accessed Feb. 19, 2016

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