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Ohio BWC catches 'totally disabled' man working as a handyman

As we have said before in this blog, in Ohio you generally are not allowed to work while receiving workers’ compensation benefits. The purpose of workers’ comp is to help people who were injured on the job badly enough that they must stop working, at least temporarily. Earning an income while still collecting workers’ compensation proves you are no longer entitled to the latter payments, and is against the law.

In one of the latest incidents of workers’ compensation fraud in Ohio, a Painesville man was caught on tape operating his own handyman business while supposedly dealing with a disability that left him totally unable to work. The man has been sentenced to a count of workers’ comp fraud and ordered to repay nearly $75,000 to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, WCMH-TV reports.

BWC began investigating the man, who was receiving temporary total disability benefits, after receiving an anonymous tip. Investigators learned he had been running the handyman business for nearly five years without disclosing that fact to BWC. An undercover video made and shared by BWC appears to show the man loading plywood into the back of a pickup truck, repeatedly bending over to pick up the pieces.

Workers’ compensation fraud not only rips off Ohio employers, it also potentially deprives funds to workers who deserve them.

When a worker sues his or her employer for alleged safety violations, the business’ reputation and ability to function could be at stake. To defend itself, your business needs an experienced personal injury defense attorney.

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