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April 2016 Archives

Ohio BWC says battle against worker opioid addiction is working

As our readers know, painkiller addiction is a major problem in the U.S., and Ohio is no exception. Many times, people living with chronic pain become increasingly dependent on opioids or similar drugs. They take more and more, going from doctor to doctor to get prescriptions, and when that fails, buying drugs on the street.

Justice Dept. setting up nursing home abuse task force in Ohio

A partially nationwide federal task force that will investigate allegations of nursing home abuse and neglect will include Ohio. The southern district of the state, including Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton, will be under the new task force’s purview, according to the Dayton Daily News.

Website ranks Ohio 31st for practicing medicine

Everybody loves a good internet listicle, but sometimes the results are not good news. In a recent case in point, personal finance website WalletHub ranked the states by how good it is to practice medicine there, and Ohio came in well below average.

Feds probing workers' compensation opt-outs in 2 states

Ohio has a state-run workers’ compensation system, as do many other states. A couple of states have laws allowing employers to opt out of the system and go with a cheaper, private plan instead. That right to opt out is drawing scrutiny from federal lawmakers and regulators, possibly putting it in jeopardy.

How malpractice damages caps protect doctors in Ohio

Ohio is among the states with legal limits on how much the plaintiff in a successful medical malpractice lawsuit. Like many other states, Ohio's malpractice cap applies to what is known as "non-economic" damages: damages claimed by the plaintiff, like pain and suffering, emotional distress and lost enjoyment of life, that are difficult to put a dollar figure to. Compare these types of injury to lost wages and medical bills, which comes with invoices and are thus more easily compensable.