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May 2016 Archives

How to prevent the most common workplace injuries

Most Ohio businesses want to keep their workers injury-free and healthy as much as reasonably possible. No workplace can guarantee an accident- and injury-free environment, but obviously it is in a business’ best interests to keep its workforce safe and minimize days missed.

3 Ohio workers plead guilty to workers' compensation fraud

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s battle against workers’ compensation fraud continues every day. Last month, BWC announced three new cases of former workers’ comp recipients pleading guilty to wrongfully receiving benefits.

Why do doctors settle medical malpractice suits?

People shopping for a doctor tend to assume that a medical malpractice lawsuit on a physician’s record is a red flag. It can be true that this doctor has made a serious mistake, but often there is more to the story, according to Consumer Reports. Not every doctor who has ever made a payment to a former patient is incompetent.