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All senior care services are vulnerable to negligence accusations

As U.S. population continues to age and the country’s average lifespan grows longer and longer, the number of aging people in Ohio who need assistance with daily tasks is booming. Depending on their health and physical condition, many seniors just need help with housekeeping. Others are totally reliant on others for their feeding, bathing, clothing and medication.

Of course, these days companies that assist seniors and disabled people offer more than traditional nursing homes to live in. There are also long-term care and assisted living facilities that fit many of their customers’ needs much better. Long-term care service can also be provided in the client’s home.

While these services differ from traditional nursing home care, they can still leave your business vulnerable to an accusation of negligent care. If a client’s health takes a turn for the worse, his or her family may decide to sue your business for medical malpractice.

Even if the evidence against you is thin, negative publicity resulting from the suit can cripple your business. And there is always the chance of a verdict going against you, which might put you out of business entirely.

This is why having the right attorney on your side is so important. An experienced personal injury defense lawyer will know how to gather evidence to support your argument that none of your employees treated the client below the standard of care. He or she will prepare your strongest possible case, which may also help provide leverage in settlement negotiations, if that is the best option.

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