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August 2016 Archives

Four questions to answer for better patient care coordination

In many cases, the best way to reduce the occurrence of medical negligence cases is through coordinated patient care. This can help to reduce errors, improve communication and achieve better results for patients.

How hospitals can help prevent medical errors

Medical complications and fatalities are an unfortunate reality for hospitals. Often times, little can be done to prevent such tragedies from occurring. When it comes to medical errors, however, facilities can take steps to protect themselves, their medical professionals and, most importantly, the lives of their patients.

Social media can strengthen your workers' compensation defense

In this social media age, it has become easier for individuals to post about daily activities, thoughts and feelings via social media outlets. Often, these posts, photos and videos become second nature to people, clicking "share" on their smart phones without a second thought. When those individuals are seeking workers' compensation, however, this can provide valuable evidence to you as an employer.

The many ways a medical malpractice claim can be defended

Medical malpractice is a loaded term in many ways. It immediately puts an idea in someone's head that the medical professional or institution was somehow at fault for any and every mistake that has ever been levied against them. In truth, many cases of medical malpractice are successfully defended, and even the ones that are settled often have mitigating circumstances that may not necessarily substantiate the plaintiff's claims.