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Defend your facility against nursing home malpractice claims

In a nursing home setting, there is a huge potential for accidents. Residents are often frail and may have balance and mobility issues. They are likely on multiple medications, which increase the likelihood of complications.

When accidents happen, the potential exists for abuse, neglect or other malpractice claims to be filed against your facility. Protect yourself from these types of accusations through preparation and a strong defense strategy.

The first step in any nursing home case is to recognize the potential for a lawsuit, and do so as soon as possible. This way, potential incidences are fresh in the minds of all involved, including care providers and witnesses, and related documents are more readily available.

You will need to thoroughly review the resident's complete medical records. This includes long-term care charts, medical documentation and business records. Make note of care team members who provided care related to the claim. Also note any discrepancies between medical records and the malpractice accusations.

Retain legal representation at any time, especially when you know the resident's family is taking legal action. An experienced malpractice defense attorney can help to acquire evidence and build a strong case on behalf of your facility.

There are several potential outcomes to a nursing home malpractice case. In some situations, the case may be dismissed. In others, it may be in your best interests to reach a settlement, often through mediation or arbitration. Sometimes a trial is necessary, which can take a substantial amount of time to reach a verdict.

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