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Protecting your business against workers' comp fraud

On September 6, Lynn D. McCann II, a paramedic in Knox County, plead guilty to workers' compensation fraud. The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) discovered he was working as a paramedic for OhioHealth Grant Medical Center in Columbus while also collecting benefits for a similar job with a private medical transportation company. 

How did the BWC gain knowledge of this violation? It was reported to them by Mr. McCann's current employer. In many instances, as with Mr. McCann's case, it is the employer who can spot and report fraud - as well as protect themselves against it.

Although most employees seeking workers' compensation have legitimate claims, it is important to protect your business against those who do not. Protection against insurance scams can be achieved through several means, including those that prevent issues and those that encourage employee participation.

Below are some ways to protect your company against workers' compensation fraud:

  • Verify your insurance company - Make sure your insurer is licensed in Ohio. Also make sure that they use legitimate medical professionals for employee examinations.
  • Carefully screen job applicants - When conducting background checks of potential employees, check both their criminal records and their employment records for any suspicious activity related to excessive injury claims.
  • Communicate with employees about fraud - Adopt a zero tolerance policy for workers' compensation fraud and provide employees with written anti-fraud policies and procedures.
  • Report accidents immediately - Train your supervisors to notify your insurer of workplace accidents and injuries as soon as employees report them. Also ensure that injured workers receive immediate and quality medical treatment.
  • Report suspected fraud immediately - Know the warning signs of fraud and report suspicious activity to the BWC right away. Give employees a confidential way to report fraud, and consider an incentive program for tips that lead to a conviction.
  • Thoroughly investigate potential fraud - Gather all information that may help investigators with a workers' compensation fraud case. Consider hiring a workers' comp defense lawyer to protect your rights and interests.

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