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November 2016 Archives

On product liability and the complexities of these cases

Imagine that a product that a company sells to the public suddenly starts failing and people start getting hurt as a result. The product and company in this case don't need to be specific -- product liability cases like this arise all the time. But what is interesting about these situations is that often the public will immediately assume the worst. They will assume the company was at fault or that the company did something nefarious.

There are perfectly viable defenses to medical malpractice

Medical professionals have a very difficult job to perform, and they are put under tremendous stress to accomplish it flawlessly. Obviously, this doesn't always happen. People are going to make mistakes, no matter if they are parking lot attendants or highly respected brain surgeons. Mistakes happen. We're human.

Superbug infections create hospital liabilities and safety risks

"Superbugs," or drug-resistant infections, are an increasingly alarming problem in hospitals throughout the country. Not only are they a serious risk to public health, but they often put hospitals at a greater liability risk in patient lawsuits.