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March 2017 Archives

What defenses can nursing homes use against abuse allegations?

Elder abuse allegations can damage the reputation and disrupt operation of any long-term care facility or nursing home. Additionally, it can jeopardize an individual worker's job and potential career. 

How you can obtain an excellent hospital malpractice defense

Medical malpractice is considered a major felony in various states across the U.S. Not only are patients susceptible to more injuries but also face the possibilities of permanent damage on different body parts. In most cases, the hospital being sued assumes the role of the defendant in their quest to repair their already damaged reputation. In such a situation, the defendant must enlist the services of a reputable attorney to defend them against a malpractice lawsuit. Failure to have an experienced lawyer by your side can ultimately contribute to the downfall of the hospital.

Top 10 patient safety concerns identified for 2017

Last week, the ECRI Institute's Patient Safety Organization (PSO) released its 2017 Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for Healthcare Organizations. The report addresses these patient safety hazards to help health care organizations prioritize issues and plan for corrective action.

Hospitals are taking an apologetic approach to medical errors

In most cases of alleged malpractice, hospitals and doctors are generally advised to say nothing to the patient or their loved ones. This common approach can be motivated by caution and fear of potential lawsuits.

Workers' comp apps help employers improve safety, manage claims

As smartphones become more and more prevalent to our everyday lives, phone apps are entering the market that offer employers workplace safety and workers' compensation management tools. These products aim to improve safety communication between employers and employees and to streamline the workers' compensation process.