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Top 10 patient safety concerns identified for 2017

Last week, the ECRI Institute's Patient Safety Organization (PSO) released its 2017 Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for Healthcare Organizations. The report addresses these patient safety hazards to help health care organizations prioritize issues and plan for corrective action.

This year's top ten list highlights technologies and therapies that are posing patient safety challenges. Data used to determine this list came from a variety of sources, including more than 1.5 million event reports and hundreds of root cause analyses.

The following 10 patient safety issues comprise ECRI's list:

  1. Information management in electronic health records
  2. Unrecognized patient deterioration
  3. Implementation and use of clinical decision support
  4. Test result reporting and follow-up
  5. Antimicrobial stewardship
  6. Patient identification
  7. Opioid administration and monitoring in acute care
  8. Behavioral health issues in non-behavioral-health settings
  9. Management of new oral anticoagulants
  10. Inadequate organization systems or processes to improve safety and quality

"The 10 patient safety concerns listed in our report are very real," said Catherine Pusey, RN, MBA, associate director, ECRI Institute PSO. "They are causing harm--often serious harm--to real people."

Improving patient safety not only saves lives, but it can help your organization avoid costly lawsuits and negative publicity. Download the full executive report, which contains suggestions to improve patient safety at your facility, on ECRI's website.

ECRI, formerly Emergency Care Research Institute, is a nonprofit organization that researches ways to improve the safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness of patient care. For nearly 50 years, the organization has worked to improve patient care at more than 5,000 health care organizations worldwide.

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