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Work with experienced legal counsel to fight workers’ compensation fraud

In our last post, we looked briefly at some of the ways employees, and insurers as well, can reduce their workers’ compensation costs. As we noted, improving workplace safety and training, early reporting of accidents, implementing return to work and vocational rehabilitation services, and subrogation are all ways workers’ compensation costs can be reduced.

Another possible way to reduce workers’ compensation costs is to implement robust fraud prevention policies and procedures. Fraud is a major drain on resources, and negatively impacts not only employers and insurers, but also employees and the public. Fraud occurs whenever an individual intentionally seeks to receive payments or benefits which he or she is not entitled to receive.

An employee can commit workers’ compensation fraud in a number of ways, such as:

  • Changes, destroys, or hides records or documentation needed to
  • Making false or misleading statements in order to secure benefits
  • Conspires to engage in workers’ compensation fraud

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation takes fraud seriously, and can help employers and insurers to track it and hold responsible those who engage in it. For their part, employers should establish sound policies and procedures to identify potential fraud and report it early on.

Reducing workers’ compensation costs, particularly costs associated with fraudulent claims, is an ongoing effort employees should take seriously. Working with experienced legal counsel can help ensure an employer’s interests are protected and that employees engaging in fraud are held responsible for their wrongdoing. 

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