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What defenses can nursing homes use against abuse allegations?

Elder abuse allegations can damage the reputation and disrupt operation of any long-term care facility or nursing home. Additionally, it can jeopardize an individual worker's job and potential career. 

Nursing home neglect is a very serious issue

The population of the United States is aging as the Baby Boomer generation rises into their 60s and 70s. As a result, the medical care industry and the nursing home industry are seeing tremendous growth. People need these services so that they are taken care of and can live out their lives in a safe environment.

Ruling makes it easier for nursing homes to be sued in court

Nursing homes may have to deal with more lawsuits in the future, especially if they wish to keep federal funding. In the past these types of claims had the option of ending up in arbitration, which was a more cost-effective and less time-consuming option for facilities. Arbitration is still an option, but the care facility will then be barred from receiving funding from programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Defend your facility against nursing home malpractice claims

In a nursing home setting, there is a huge potential for accidents. Residents are often frail and may have balance and mobility issues. They are likely on multiple medications, which increase the likelihood of complications.

All senior care services are vulnerable to negligence accusations

As U.S. population continues to age and the country’s average lifespan grows longer and longer, the number of aging people in Ohio who need assistance with daily tasks is booming. Depending on their health and physical condition, many seniors just need help with housekeeping. Others are totally reliant on others for their feeding, bathing, clothing and medication.

Nursing home arbitration agreements: work with experienced counsel to ensure enforceability, P.2

In our previous post, we began looking at the issue of nursing home arbitration agreements and their enforceability. As we began to point out last time, the enforceability of nursing home arbitration agreements is in somewhat of a state of flux, with some states holding such agreements in greater favor than others.

Nursing home arbitration agreements: work with experienced counsel to ensure enforceability, P.1

When adult children place an elderly parent in the care of a skilled nursing facility, they trust that the facility will ensure that appropriate and timely care is provided to the parent. Unfortunately, nursing home facilities do not always do so and can make a bad reputation for other skilled nursing facilities.

Justice Dept. setting up nursing home abuse task force in Ohio

A partially nationwide federal task force that will investigate allegations of nursing home abuse and neglect will include Ohio. The southern district of the state, including Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton, will be under the new task force’s purview, according to the Dayton Daily News.

Why which court hears your case can make a difference

Whether a lawsuit is heard in state or federal court in Ohio may not seem like it matters much, but it can make a big difference. Often, venue is something the parties fight over, each believing that one court will be more favorable to them.